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Southern California

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Southern California

Since 1957

Consolidated Electrical Distributors originated in California in 1957, as a two-location, privately-held company.  California is where it started and where we originally dominated and started our growth.  Since then, CED has become one of the nation’s largest privately owned electrical distributors in a $115 billion industry, with 700+ locations around the country.


Who Are We?

CED is one of the largest electrical solutions distributors and product suppliers in the country, specializing in residential, commercial, industrial and solar projects. By training and bringing in talented, energetic people, we’re able to bring industry professionals together and facilitate the best electrical solutions for our customers, who are powering your homes, buildings and manufacturing the things you use every day. Our commitment to quality has made us one of the nation’s largest distributors of electrical products and services.


Is All Around You 

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